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Change is coming.


“Coworking” is a cool thing. It’s a verb, an adverb, an adjective, a noun; it’s a fashion, a curiosity, a vision, and an imperative.

It’s a movement that is burgeoning globally, nationally, and now: locally.

In Ballarat there is the desire for coworking – and all the innovation-collaboration-creativity-comfort-health it promises. This coworking desire looks toward a new culture of work. The coworking movement is part of a shift to a new economy that moves away from industrial production and towards creative industries.

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Ballarat Co-Lab will be a coworking space that brings together creative and new desires for change in Ballarat. Notably it connects a number of local strands over the past few years around space for artists, the collaboration of innovative start-up businesses and community gathering in one place. Ballarat Co-Lab will be one of the first regional coworking spaces in Australia.


Ballarat Co-Lab is a locally driven project that aims to establish a coworking space in Ballarat City. It will be done through shared participation from passionate and committed members of the community whose priorities lie in positive social change, in stewardship of their environment, and achieving economic success.

Its intended that over the next 12-18months we will experience the unfolding of the following principles and processes to manifest our vision:


The above stages are likely to happen simultaneously through prototyping and iterative processes in order to enhance the model and space through capturing and feeding back ongoing insights and learning.


Coworking and Placemaking go hand-in-hand. Ballarat Co-Lab aims to co-create an interface of the human network and the natural system. The result is a place that users feel connected to, inspired by and share a sense of belonging with.


Please visit our Blog for more information about coworking spaces and to receive updates on our progress in this exciting journey.

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As coworking spaces have created sweeping changes around the world in the way we work, a culmination of interest from various and diverse individuals has generated a tipping-point.

Amongst other conversations and initiatives, a small group of leaders across community, business and government met at Hub Melbourne to discuss the possibility of a coworking space in Ballarat. Discussions quickly led from Why to How, and from What to When.

The energy and excitement for a coworking space in Ballarat is overwhelmingly strong and well supported.



To achieve its purpose of transforming the community through collaboration, we are encouraging the Ballarat Co-Lab to take a diverse membership approach.







        Project Team

        Project Team